Dagmar Reichardt

Professor of Media Industry and Transcultural Studies
at the Latvian Academy of Culture in Riga, Latvia


Dagmar Reichardt is a proactive member of 15 international cultural and academic associations in Europe and the United States. She serves on the Scientific Boards of the International Association of Professors of Italian Studies AIPI, the Austrian-Canadian Society, and the Swiss Association for General and Comparative Literary Studies SGAVL/ASLGC as Executive Board Member, thus teaming up with the Swiss Academy of Humanities SAGW and the International Comparative Literature Association AILC/ICLA. Since 2016, Dagmar is a registered member of ADS - Autorinnen und Autoren der Schweiz. Autrices et Auteurs de Suisse. Autrici ed Autori della Svizzera and Honorary Member of the German-Italian Centre for European Excellence Villa Vigoni. She campaigns for various journals (Kultur-Port, Transnational 20th Century, Culture Crossroads) and book series (Transcultural Studies/Peter Lang, Civiltà italiana/Franco Cesati, Studi transnazionali - Transnational Studies/Lithos).



"The Rustle of Touch" (2020) by Ellen Korth - The Crinkly Sensuousness of Underwear

"The Rustle of Touch" (2020) by Ellen Korth

"The Rustle of Touch" von Ellen Korth – oder: Die raschelnde Sinnlichkeit der Unterwäsche, [review of a newly released art book and long term exhibition project], online publication on www.kultur-port.de, 13.10.2020.


NEW RELEASE: Follow Arts - Texts by Claus Friede

Follow Arts - Text by Claus Friede

Follow Arts. Texte zu digitalen Welten und analogen Formaten von Claus Friede, edited by Dagmar Reichardt and Gudrun Thiessen-Schneider (Ed.), with an introduction by Dagmar Reichardt, vol. 5 of the book series Transcultural Studies – Interdisciplinary Literature and Humanities for Sustainable Societies (TSIL) edited by Dagmar Reichardt, Rotraud von Kulessa and Costantino Maeder, Berlin et al.: Peter Lang, 2020, 580 pp.


JUST OUT: Musical Polyphony - The Many Ways of Italian Melodies in a Transcultural World

Musical Polyphony

Polifonia musicale. Le tante vie delle melodie italiane in un mondo transculturale, edited by Dagmar Reichardt, Domenica Elisa Cicala, Donatella Brioschi and Mariella Martini-Merschmann (Ed.), with a preface by Dagmar Reichardt and Domenica Elisa Cicala, with an interview with the Sicilian-German singer-songwriter Etta Scollo, Firenze: Franco Cesati Editore, (Civiltà italiana. Terza serie, no. 32), 2020, 248 pp.