1961 born in Rome/Italy

1962-1967 Santiago de Chile/Chile

1967-1980 College Education at German bilingual (German-Italian) private school in Rome/Italy Deutsche Schule Rom (founded in 1851)

1980-1981 Visiting Student at the Art Students League of New York (founded in 1875) in New York City/USA (Visual Arts)

1982-1989 studied Romance Languages and Literature, Philosophy, Modern German Literature as well as Art History at the Universities of Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main/Germany, University of Urbino/Italy, and Hamburg University/Germany

1984 Intermediate Examination (Philosophy), Hamburg University/Germany

1985-1986 Research Assistant (Italian Studies), Hamburg University

1986-1989 Publisher and Editor of a bilingual German-Italian trade magazine distributed via public national newspaper kiosk-trade throughout Germany ("ZigZag Italia") in cooperation with the Institute for Political Science at Hamburg University (chair: Prof. Dr. Günter Trautmann), founding in Hamburg/Germany an autonomous team of journalists with international connections as a legally independent entity (GbR)

1988-1989 European Union Erasmus Scholarship (University of Urbino/Italy)

1989 Master of Arts (M.A.) in Linguistics, Hamburg University

1989-1990 and 1993 Research Scholarships at the German-Italian Center for European Excellence Villa Vigoni e.V. (Como/Italy)

1990-1997 Freelancer and Chief-Editor for several publishing houses and book-series in Germany cooperating with foundations, cultural associations and public institutions

1997-2003 Junior Lecturer for Italian Literature at Hamburg University, Institute of Romance Studies (Department of Language, Literature and Media Studies)

1999 PhD, Hamburg University, with highest honours (summa cum laude)

1999-2009 Director of the Writers Room e.V. Hamburg writing workshop "Reiters Ruhm" (following the model of "The Writers Room" originally founded in 1978 in New York City) in cooperation with Hamburg Department of Culture (Kulturbehörde Hamburg)

2001-2002 Lecturer for Italian Culture and National Studies at Bremen University, Romance Languages and Literature Department in Bremen/Germany

2001-2006 Member of the Jury of the International Flaiano Prize (succeeding Dr. Hans Magnus Enzensberger)

2002-2008 Assistant Professor (C1) on the Romance Languages and Literature course (Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies) at Bremen University

2002 Visiting Professor in the frame of the Romance Languages and Literature program at Salzburg University/Austria

2005 Medal of Cicero for Cultural Merits awarded and presented in the name of the Italian Region of Latium (Regione Lazio), in cooperation with the foundation Fondazione Umberto Mastroianni on the occasion of the XXV Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas (since 1980) in Arpino/Italy 

2007 Flaiano International Award (since 1974) for Italian Studies

2008 Visiting Professor for Modern Italian Studies at Innsbruck University/Austria

2008-2012 UD1 Professor of Modern Italian Studies at the Department of Romance Languages and Cultures RTC (Faculty of Arts) at Groningen University/The Netherlands

since 2009 Active collaboration as editor and author for the German internet feuilleton www.kultur-port.de

2012-2016 UD1 Professor of Modern European Studies in the Bachelor's degree program of European Languages and Cultures ETC, and in the Master's and PhD degree program of European Literature (both: Faculty of Arts) at Groningen University/The Netherlands

since 2013 Co-initiator and permanent partner associate of the annual international Summer School "Beyond Horizons" at the Department of European Languages and Cultures (ETC), in cooperation with the chairs of French (Prof. Jeanette den Toonder) and Scandinavian Literature (Prof. Petra Broomans) as well as with the Research Cluster "Beyond Horizons" at the Faculty of Arts, Groningen University/The Netherlands

2014 Habilitation, Certificate University Teaching Qualification in Higher Education (BKO) nationally recognized in the Kingdom of The Netherlands

2014-2015 Deputy Chair of Digital Communication and Cultural Industry at the Department for International Culture and Media Management (Faculty of Sociology) of the Latvian Academy of Culture LAC in Riga/Latvia

2015 External Fellow of the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome/Italy (KNIR, together with Prof. em. Mieke Bal)

since 2016 Professor of Media Industry and Head of the Graduate School (Cultural Theory) at the Department for International Culture and Media Management at the Latvian Academy of Culture LAC in Riga/Latvia

since 2016 (renewed) Member of the German-Italian Center for European Excellence Villa Vigoni e.V. (Como/Italy)

since 2016 Initiator and Co-Editor of the book-series Transcultural Studies – Interdisciplinary Literature and Humanities for Sustainable Societies (TSIL), edited by Dagmar Reichardt, Rotraud von Kulessa and Costantino Maeder for Peter Lang Publisher (Berlin, Bern, et al.)

2018 Visiting Professor for Modern Italian Studies at the Department of Humanities at the University of Macerata/Italy

2021 Appointed National Professor sine die and Permanent Associate Researcher for the interdisciplinary Master course Creative Industries and Growth Management at the Faculty of Sociology, Latvian Academy of Culture LAC in Riga/Latvia

2022 Appointed member of the PEN Centre Germany (Exil PEN - PEN Zentrum deutschsprachiger Autoren im Ausland) based in Darmstadt, Hesse and founded 1924 as one of over 140 autonomous PEN centres that are part of the worldwide association of writers founded in London in 1921 known as PEN International

2022 Awarded the Prix Erica - European Media, Culture and Science Award on 14th of May, 2022, in Hamburg, Germany (for the book Follow Arts), the Premio Antonello da Messina 2022 | Antonello da Messina 2022 Award on 4th of November in Messina, Italy (for the book Verga innovatore | Innovative Verga), and 2 award prizes for translation of a literary and scientific publication granted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale, MAECI)

2022 Visiting Professor for Modern Italian Studies at the Department of Modern Literature and Culture at the Sapienza University of Rome "Roma 1"/Italy

2023 Appointed member of the panel of the OVID Prize which aims to promote the principles set out in the Charter of PEN International. Ovid, the important Roman poet who was exiled because of his free spirit, is a worthy namesake for the literary prize awarded by the PEN Center for German-Speaking Authors Abroad. The OVID Prize is awarded every two years for an author's literary life's work (previous award winners were: 2022 – Ruth Weiss; 2020 – Wolf Biermann; 2018 – Herta Müller; 2017 – Guy Stern).

2023 Visiting Professor for Modern Italian Studies at the Department of Education and Human Sciences of the University of Modena/Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE)/Italy

2024 Appointed member of the scientific board of the National Committee for the Centenary of the Birth of Giuseppe Bonaviri, Ministry of Culture, Italy (Comitato Nazionale per il Centenario della nascita di Giuseppe Bonaviri e la tutela del suo Patrimonio artistico e culturale italiano).

To read more about Dagmar Reichardt visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dagmar_Reichardt