The Many Translations of the Work of Dacia Maraini

Belén Hernández, Dacia Maraini, Dagmar Reichardt

International conference Le tante traduzioni dell’opera di Dacia Maraini. Simposio in occasione del suo 80esimo anniversario di vita e lavoro nei campi della letteratura, del teatro e della cultura e politica italiana - The Many Translations of the Work of Dacia Maraini. Symposium on the Occasion of the Writer’s 80th Birthday and Many Years of Work in the Fields of Italian Literature, Theatre, Culture and Politics, initiated and organized by Dagmar Reichardt and Maria Belén Hernández Gonzalez, Forum Austriaco di Cultura, Viale Bruno Buozzi, 113, Rome/Italy, 14.-15.10.2017.


Das neue "Europa der Werte"

Interview mit Dagmar Reichardt über Europa, März 2016

"Das neue 'Europa der Werte'", in: Mail aus Riga. Kultur - Medien - Riga, [E-paper], March 2016, n. 125, pp. 26-31 [interview with D.R. on the occasion of her new appointment as Chair of Media Industry at the Latvian Academy of Culture LAC in Riga, Latvia].

Mail aus Riga n. 125, p. 26-31



"Johann Friedrich Reichardt’s Mignon: from an educational Kunstlied to a transcultural vision", First International Conference of the Oregon University School of Music and Dance Musicking: Performance, Politics & Personalities, Opening Panel "Romanticism and Historical Performance Practice", 12.-16.4.2016, Eugene/Oregon, Collier House – University of Oregon, 13.4.2016.

Read the review by Akiko Hitomi 





Interview on Hermann Hesse

Interview with Dagmar Reichardt, conducted by Tiziana Di Simone on the contemporary relevance of the German author Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) in Italian. Subject: "Le storie dei grandi d'Europa: Hermann Hesse" broadcasted in the cultural section of the program "In Europa: alla scoperta del 'nuovo' nel vecchio continente" by RAI Radio Uno, on air 15.6.2010 at 9.35-10 a.m. (please find interview on track 7:05-12:55).


Flaiano Prize

Flaiano Prize 2007

Ceremony presenting Professor Dr. Dagmar Reichardt with the XXXIV Flaiano International Award for Italian Studies on August 7th, 2007 in Pescara, Italy.